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​Self-manipulative video cheering party

We are looking for people who will support our self-manipulative videos!
Currently, self-manipulative videos are released almost free of charge.

If you would like to support the self-manipulative video so that many people can watch the self-manipulative video for free in the future, please register with the self-manipulative support team.

We have created two cheering courses, a little cheering squad and a gutsy cheering squad.

Each one has its own benefits, so if you are registered with the cheering squad, please take advantage of the benefits.

(Especially, the gutsuri cheering party will continue to add great benefits, so those who receive Ayukawa's treatment, those who regularly participate in self-manipulative lessons, those who want to learn treatment from Ayukawa Please register!)



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​* Currently, I have a position, so I haven't been able to do what I want to do with my own thoughts as well as financial aspects. In the future, I will gradually withdraw from the treatment at the salon and the help of the company (make a state where I do not get money), and once again Ayukawa's personal activities (business trip treatment, self-manipulation, practitioner training, martial arts, secret base) We will shift the axis of activities to activities, etc.).


​A little self-manipulative video cheering party

Monthly fee: 290 yen A course to support ​


  1. Member badges that appear next to your username in comments and chats

  2. Priority reply to comment

  3. 1,000 yen discount for self-manipulative group lessons (for Ayukawa)

  4. Early access to new videos


Guts re-self manipulative video cheering party

Monthly fee: 690 yen Course to support


  1. Benefits of a little self-manipulative video cheering party

  2. Members-only video and live distribution

  3. Benefits that continue for more than half a year!
    Ayukawa treatment 120 minutes is discounted by 10,000 yen (can be used repeatedly)

  4. Exchange on official LINE, not open to the public

  5. Self-manipulative private lesson 5,000 yen discount.
    10,000 yen discount for 6 consecutive months (can be used repeatedly)

  6. You can participate in the work of the secret base

  7. Members-only self-manipulative live lesson (can be taken as many times as you like for free)

Click here to register for the self-manipulative video support team

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